What makes software user-friendly?


There are so many design methods and theories out there.

From design sprints to design thinking, there is an exercise for everything.

People ask me what are the key factors that make software user-friendly?

In this article, I’ll break down the top five important factors you should be focusing on!

Read away.

1) The user goals are clear

People use your software to accomplish something(s).

They have enough entertainment on Netflix and Youtube.

You are providing them a tool to get a job done.

Make sure your users can accomplish their intended goals — from start to finish.

A-to-B in a linear path.

👉 First, define the key journeys and then ensure your design is aligning with those journies.


2) The Navigation is easy

Navigation is the most critical vehicle that carries your users inside your app.

The easier the navigation, the better your users can accomplish their various goals.

Make sure the navigation is simple, accessible, and clutter-free.

How’s your navigation?


3) The wording is short and guiding

How you talk makes all the difference.

The headings, the buttons, and the tooltips.

The UX copy (text) is an important factor that is often overlooked.

Believe me, it’s something that will make or break the user experience of your app!



4) Good color and visual hierarchy

That’s what most designers are busy with.

It’s laying out the data clearly and organized on the screen.

When the colors and typography are how it needs to be, the users can get the job done with your tool more effortlessly!

To see great examples of visual design, check out dribbble.com

How are the visuals in your software?


5) Simple and straightforward interactions

Some apps overcomplicate this!

Every step of interacting with your software tool needs to be frictionless.

Reduce the number of clicks needed. Replace multi popups with a single-page experience.

👉 Try to simulate you user’s journey, and see how painful it actually is!

is it simple?


I hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you focus on the most important efforts to make your software user-friendly.

You can book a free call with me here:

👉 https://www.intentux.com/contact




UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps | Founder at Intent UX | Always helping out 🚀

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Nussi Einhorn

Nussi Einhorn

UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps | Founder at Intent UX | Always helping out 🚀

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