The Complete UX Design Workflow— 2020

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When a UX Designer embarks on the mission to re-design an app or software, there is a lot of work and effort going in behind the scenes.

This article will list and explain the workflow that today’s designers perform when re-designing existing software.

Part 1: User Research and Business Strategy

A UX designer is usually tasked with the following research responsibilities at the start of a large project:

🔹 Defining the user personas

🔹 Surveying the users

🔹 User interviews

🔹 Defining the business goals and directions

🔹 Mapping the user desired end-to-end journey

🔹 Competitive analysis

🔹 What’s working and what’s not

And this all before you see any shiny rounded buttons!

With me?

Part 2: Sketching/mapping/suggesting different possible solutions or new features.

A user experience designer spearheads the imagination and creativity of how the new design should come to life.

That includes:

🔹 Coming up with a real solution to the problems

🔹 Ensuring the new feature and UX is straightforward to use

🔹 Collaborating with tech on what’s technically possible

🔹 Sketching on paper the new design

🔹 Mapping out the details of each new interaction of a feature

🔹 Making sure the new solution will integrate with existing users and infrastructure.

Now that’s only “Part 2”.

More to come! 👇

Part 3: Testing and finalizing new solutions with users, businesses, and developers.

Here’s that scary part.

Designer nowadays are expected to prove and advocate their solutions in the following formats: (Every designer/team is different)

🔹 Testing the new prototype with users

🔹 Testing with internal stakeholders

🔹 Learning from the insight and tweaking the prototype

🔹 Ensuring that the new solution is self-understood and usable

Did I miss anything?

Part 4: Crafting Interface Design.

This is NOT graphic design.

Creating a usable UI design for an app or software requires excellent talent and thought.

Here are some of the tasks on the UI designers plate:

🔹 Choosing the right color pallet

🔹 Selecting fonts that will work and match the brand

🔹 Creating a global design system of matching components (Buttons, icons, etc.)

🔹 Creating a polished visual look for every screen

🔹 Creating the UI for the minor popups and interaction

🔹 Making sure the UI is clean and comfortable on the eyes.

🔹 Playing with the text (typography) to create a visual hierarchy design.

And much more.

It’s not like creating an ad for the magazine.

Part 5: Final tweaks and changes.

This is where is the finish line happens.

All the final small changes, the tweaks.

The back and forth.

Ensuring the business and the users are very comfortable with the complete product.

Do you skip this step?

I hope this article gave you a better scope of what goes into re-designing a software or app.

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UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps | Founder at Intent UX | Always helping out 🚀

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Nussi Einhorn

Nussi Einhorn

UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps | Founder at Intent UX | Always helping out 🚀

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