How do you design a software MVP?

What should you do if you have an idea for a product, but you aren’t sure if you can successfully implement it?

Bringing a new product to market is always a significant risk.

But to reduce the risk, you can first develop a minimum viable product (MVP).

But how?

In this article, I’ll show you exactly!

Step 1: What problem you are solving, for whom

Most people skip this step.

You need to identify what problem you are solving with your software tool.

Write many problems you want to solve but choose only one to focus on.

This will guide you to prioritize what features to build out in the MVP.

Will it solve the problem?

Step 2: Analyze the market and competitors.

You can’t design in a box.

👀 See what’s out there.

🔹 See what others have built

🔹 Get inspiration

🔹 Mix existing solutions into your new one!

You can get creative with this.

It’s a crucial step to build a successful MVP.

This video will guide you:

Step 3: Map out the entire user journey + focus on a target.

This is my best part.

It’s psychology!

Map out the entire real-life journey your target potential user will have.

Identify the point on the journey your solution will focus on.

This will help you design a solution that will match reality.

Think like a user.


Step 4: Sketch and prototype the wireframe.

You don’t need a design degree for this.

Grab some blank printer sheets and start drawing your solution.

Then mock it up as a wireframe on an easy tool (

Your solution should now be ready for the market test!

Easy peasy?

Step 5: Test, reflect, and tweak.

🔹 Test the prototype with five target users.

🔹 Observe them.

🔹 Take notes.

🔹 Tweak the prototype.

🔹 Test again.

👨‍💻 Call the developer! Start building the code.

You should be clear by now!

Like — crystal clear!

I hope the article will help you build your next big idea as an MVP.

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