In an industry that is driven by technical abilities, why are they fetching the top designer to come work for them?

If the software has robust features then why bother hiring top design talent?

But your know the truth, companies like yours are hiring the best design talent because they’ve seen the need for it.

In this article, I’ll explain why all the largest tech companies are so focused on the design and user experience of the application.

1) With UX Design, is the best way they can differentiate themselves from the rest.

Every SaaS or app idea usually has a direct competitor.

Someone that’s also trying to play your game.

A bit Better.


Whenever I speak to people about UX Design they instantly associated it with colors and cool-looking apps.

While this may be part of the UX Design role, the real deal of what UX is WAY deeper.

In this article I’ll outline some of the value a UX Designer can bring to your project.

1) It’s about your software’s architecture.

What will your developers build?

How exactly will each feature function?

What will show and what will hide in different scenarios?

All of these questions usually can be answered in the UX Design phase.

Will you build a building without an architect?

2) It discovers what you really need.

When you first came up…


I always get this question for business owners that have to build software with only developers.

They are now realizing the importance of UX.

But your thinking… UX Design is very expensive!

We can’t afford that — let’s keep the money for the development of new features and bugs.


In this article, I’ll explain why UX Design will save you thousands of $$$$$ down the line in you apps lifetime.

1) You will save thousands or millions in re-development.

When your features are quickly handed over to you developers without a proper design and user testing, chances that they will need to re-develop them is 100%!

Development costs…


Scenario #1

Your customers are voicing their opinion!

They are actually complaining about the complexity of your SaaS.

🤣 You freak out!

The #1 reason why SaaS clients might start seeking alternative solutions is the design is complex to use.

I get you. Listen to your clients.

You might have designed your software are by your developers who focused on the database while designing.

Hiring UX Design help will take care of this problem for you.

We sift through long forums of user complaints and create UX solutions aimed to heal those!.

In this article, I will demonstrate 2 stories to explain how you as a tech product manager will highly benefit from hiring a UX Designer on you team.

Story #1:

👉 You are the Product Manager of the new 2.0 version of the web app.

You have the developers ready.

Who’s handling the design?

You’re asking, do we need to hire a UX/Product Designer?

🤑 We’re trying to cut costs!

I get you.

👉 Hiring a Product Designer at the beginning of a critical project can literally save your job as a Product Manager.

I’ve seen Product Managers lose their…

Suggesting UX design changes to the software is great… But there is one thing that gets in the way:


The development of new features or the redesign to existing features takes way longer than mocking up a Figma.

In this article, I will advise you on what UX design enhancement you can quickly apply to an app with no or little help from developers!

I spill all the secrets 👇👇

1) Tweak the colors and fonts.

This won’t take too much development of brains.

Choose a clean Google font, set some style rules in Figma (Heading, subheading, etc) and the developer can quickly change the…

Software projects are hazardous and expensive.

We’ve all see it, a team builds out a robust software tool for months and even years, and then it’s all sent to the graveyard!

But is there a better way?

Something safer?

In this article, I’ll show you how some simple UX Design tricks can salvage this drama.

Read on!!

1) Align your team with research and strategy.

This doesn’t sound easy, but in fact, it can be very straightforward!

🟢 Define what problem you want to solve and for whom

🟢 Research how other tools are solving a similar problem

🟢 Run a team workshop to get unbiased collective creativity

You know those boring apps are full of boring data.

What can a team do to make an app’s interface come alive? Is it really magic?

The answer is NO!

You can transform your app’s UI’s look and feel with the 5 simple steps outlined below.

Discover them today!

1) With Illustrations.

Adding unique illustrations throughout the app will infuse life immediately!

This will give your data a character.

User love illustration.

People will start praising the design of your app (even if it’s not so user-friendly and is lacking some features).

With the custom illustration you’ve created, your users will be…

Getting a successful software out to the market is not a small task.

UX Designers are playing a greater role as companies expect more from their designers.

Most people think that the responsibility of a UX Designer is to make nice mockups.

Well, not exactly.

In this article, I’ll explain what else goes on in a modern UX Designer role.

1) In-app marketing strategy.

Almost every app has a cross-selling or engagement strategy.

This task usually falls into the hands of the product designers.

🔹 How will the customer upgrade from a free to a paid plan?
🔹 How will the user come to the…

There are so many design methods and theories out there.

From design sprints to design thinking, there is an exercise for everything.

People ask me what are the key factors that make software user-friendly?

In this article, I’ll break down the top five important factors you should be focusing on!

Read away.

1) The user goals are clear

People use your software to accomplish something(s).

They have enough entertainment on Netflix and Youtube.

You are providing them a tool to get a job done.

Make sure your users can accomplish their intended goals — from start to finish.

A-to-B in a linear path.

👉 First, define…

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UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps | Founder at Intent UX | Always helping out 🚀

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